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The Scout Association of Jamaica has an organizational structure which is headed by the Scout Council which is chaired by an elected President. Members of the Council consist of the Chief Scout, the Commissioners, members of Local Scout Associations, Scouters and representatives of other organizations such as Girl Guides and the Church.

The officers of our Association are as follows:

The Chief Scout - The Governor General of Jamaica

The Chief Commissioner

Deputy Chief Commissioners

Asst. Chief Commissioners

The Executive Commissioner

The Executive Secretary

The Honourary Treasurer

Field Commissioners

District Commissioners

Asst. District Commissioners


Scouts (Troop Leaders, Patrol Leaders and Second included).

The Scouts are divided into sections:

Cubs 8 - 10 yrs

Scouts 11 - 15 yrs

Ventures 15 - 18 yrs

Service 18 - 21 yrs

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