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Scout Commissioners and other Leaders are reminded of the following conditions to be observed in relation to all official travel overseas by Scouts, Scouters, Cub Scouts and Scout Groups.

a) The District Scout Commissioner is to approve of all plans by leaders and groups to travel abroad.

b) The District Scout Commissioner is required to submit all applications to the Chief Commissioner for approval for members of his/her District to travel abroad.

c) The District Commissioner should approve of and ensure that all arrangements are in place with the host country and that a formal application is made to the relevant Country, to be endorsed by the Chief Commissioner to his counterpart in the host country for permission to visit.

d) The Chief Commissioner is to be formally advised before the individual or group leaves the island.

Please note that no financial transactions are to be entered into with any local or overseas agency in the name of the National Organization without receiving the written approval of the Chief Commissioner.

Scout Association of Jamaica