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Above is a picture of your Webbie. It has been a lot of work putting all the pieces together for the Scout Association of Jamaica Webpage, but I must say, it has also been a great learning experience....

Scouting the web, day in day out has certainly taken me to some very interesting, informative and well designed web pages.

I do trust that one day this site will be rated amongst the best on the net. Please help us to realize this dream.

Special Thanks to all the wonderful friends across the world that has taken time out to sign our guestbook. Please spread the word !! ..... I look forward to many others coming by and doing likewise.

I certainly could not end this message by not saying Thanks a Million to Tripod for hosting our page and furnishing us with all of 50Meg of space... Hats off to the Tripod Team. We certainly do appreciate the warm hospitality !!

Yours in Scouting,

Desmond McKenzie
(Assistant District Commissioner: Manchester)

I can be contacted by email:
Yahoo Messenger: username is makalov_1
ICQ : 18382504

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